Rides for all ability levels.

Paradise Sports Road Ride Groups

To help you navigate which group would be best suited to your riding and enjoyment level, take a look at the rider pace and ride profiles below....

Paradise Team Ride - "Hang-on or Get Dropped"
Average speed: 20+ MPH avg. (Including hills, average speed of 25+ on flats)
Vigorous riding with great bike handling skills, expected contribution to group drafting effort, no sweep, unlikely regrouping, be prepared to find your own way back to the shop if you get dropped. No mechanical assistance.

Faster No-Drop Group Ride (Swept by No-Drop Ride)
Average Speed: 16 - 18+ MPH avg. (Including hills, average speed of 20+ on flats)
Vigorous riding with solid bike handling skills, expected contribution to group drafting effort within personal limits, swept by No-Drop group, regrouping. Mechanical assistance provided.

No-Drop Group Ride
Average Speed: 14 - 16 MPH avg. (Including hills)
Moderate to very brisk riding within limits, average bike handling skills, desired contribution to group drafting effort, sweep provided, regrouping. Mechanical assistance provided. Best opportunity to learn about the fun in group riding, how to draft and the satisfaction of a group effort.

Our goal with more groups, based on rider level, is to provide the most fun and rewarding experience for every rider not to mention increased safety and respect among cyclists and vehicular traffic.

As was last year, after the ride, we'll head on over to the Harpoon Brewery for a beer or the Skunk Hollow Tavern for a burger and beer!

Paradise Sports Mountain Bike Ride

Mountain Bike Rides are done in partnership with the Sport Trails of the Ascutney Basin (STAB), your advocate for trails in the Windsor, Hartland, Reading and Weathersfield areas. Please check the forum on their website for details about the weekly rides, times, and meeting location.

When Do We Ride?

S.T.A.B. Mountain Bike Ride led by Paradise Sports. Check the STAB website for times and details

"Hang on or Get Dropped" Ride departs @ 5:15pm (check event calendar for details)
No-Drop Group Rides departs @ 6:15pm (check event calendar for details)

Some Basic Guidelines:

  • Ride single file.
  • Stop at all red lights. Riders have to obey the same rules of the road as motorized vehicles.
  • Use hand-signals for both motorists and other riders.
  • Let the rider behind you know of obstacles in the road using hand signals and audibles when necessary - we're not racing.
  • Yield to pedestrians and horses, when present. Show respect...to everyone.
  • Make sure you're prepared: proper tire pressure, extra tube(s), pump / CO2, tire irons, multi-tool and water / hydration.
  • No helmet = No Ride.


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